cubrid 설치전 php설치에서

by 뚱기 posted Jan 03, 2010
5.2.12버전으로 설치하는데


옵션이 먹히지 않습니다.

그냥 이대로 설치해도 괜찮은 건가요?


Following unknown configure options were used
라고 뜨는군요.

바로 make 하고 테스트하니

expeted Failed test summary

output buffering -fatalism [tests/output/ob_011.phpt]ob_start(): Ensure unerasable buffer cannot be flushed by ob_flush() [tests/output/ob_start_basic_unerasable_005.phpt]
SPL: ArrayObject::exchangeArray() basic usage with object as underlying data store. [ext/spl/tests/arrayObject_exchangeArray_basic3.phpt]

라고 오류나는군요....